5 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Human beings are a pretty mistake-prone and forgetful lot. But don’t lose sleep over it–it comes with the territory. In fact, you should be thankful you don’t remember everything because it helps to lessen the cognitive load that would otherwise lead to serious confusion. Unfortunately, you are not likely to share that sentiment once you end up losing precious time and money, courtesy of forgetting to complete an important task prior to your move. Relocating from your present home to a new residence is one of life’s more stressful events simply because it involves so many moving parts and requires meticulous planning. Staying on top of things is important for a successful move.

What Not to Pack When Moving

When moving from Mandeville, Hammond, New Orleans, or beyond, you pack items with the utmost care. You’ll probably use newspapers, bubble wrap and sturdy boxes to ensure the safe arrival of your belongings in your new home. However, there are some things you should not pack when moving.