5 Clever Housewarming Invitation Ideas

Moving into your new home is exciting! Of course, you quickly realize that you now suddenly need kitchen appliances, organizing supplies, cleaning tools, and all sorts of everyday items. Good news! Your friends and family also realize this and would love to help you get everything you need for your new home. It’s time for a Housewarming Party! But how can you be sure you get the gifts you want and not just random gifts?
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Here's The Smartest Way To Ensure You Get The Gifts You Need.

Asking for specific gifts doesn’t need to be awkward. Use these creative ways to approach the gift-receving game at your new home’s first party – it’s a Housewarming Party!  

1. Everyone Likes A Good Laugh.

Humor is often used to break up the approach to touchy, otherwise awkward subjects. Use a joke or funny image on your housewarming invitation as a way to break the ice. Then include a statement like, “Wanna know what we need? Text RSVP and we’ll shoot over our Amazon list.”

Here’s another funny nod to the gift needs that could break the ice on your housewarming invitation. “Moving was a piece of cake. Speaking of cake…come on over. Maybe you could help us find the knife to cut it.”

2. You're A Poet And You Know It!

Another great way to break the ice and ask for the gifts you need is to write a short poem or limerick. Got writer’s block? There are some short, funny poem ideas on Pinterest you can borrow for the occasion. Here’s one of our’s you may borrow. Just fill in your family name!

Well, the Jones moved in last week.
Looking around and we’re up the creek!
We forgot to make some plans
To bring some good pots and pans.
Out of the bath, think we’re gonna cry
Old, holey towels are no way to dry.
We have less than some and more than others
So, bring your mom, sisters and brothers
To the housewarming party of the year
For the Jones can really use the good cheer.

3. Let The Kids Be The Artists.

Got little ones? Everyone loves little Johnny’s artwork. So why not let them be the star of your housewarming party?

Give the kids some colors and ask them to draw the items that you need for the new house. Then you can include the drawings on your housewarming invitation and say something like, “I think the kids are trying to tell use something. Can you guess what we need?”

No kids? No problem. Do your own drawings of the items and say something clever like, “Okay. So I’m no Michaelangelo! But you get the idea.” 

4. Turn Your Registry Into A Scavenger Hunt.

A common way to let your party guests know exactly what you need is to create a gift registry at a local housewares store, Walmart, Target, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. In this digital age, another great place to do a registry is Amazon. These gift registries not only show the guest what items you really need, but also let’s them know if someone else has already purchased that item.

A fun way to turn this around and create a little excitement with the registry is to let the guests know that you’ve randomly marked one (or more) of the gifts as BONUS prizes. If that gift is given at the party, the guest will win a special prize. This kinda makes it like a scavenger hunt for the guests and is a fun way to introduce them to your gift registry.

5. Designate A Friend Or Family Member.

Having your friend or family member handle communicating your gift ideas can really help to take the edge off. They can help the guests select the right types of gifts and even help select the right color choices that best suit your new home.

With the cooperation and permission from your designated friend or family member, on your housewarming invitation, you can include something like, “Rushing around and exhausted from unpacking. Please contact Karen at 454-5555 for coordinating gifts. We’re probably napping.”

At any rate, the housewarming party comes after the move, so if you know someone who needs a moving company in New Orleans, LA, Atmosphere Movers can be reached at 866-766-8363. We can serve residents throughout Mandeville and Louisiana with the highest quality and most affordable prices in the state.